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The products used in all our trials are NOT produced from live HIV or from HIV-infected human cells. These study vaccines cannot cause HIV infection. Click here to volunteer!

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plus   HVTN 105 (HIV-negative, 18-50 years old, women, men including Transgender* individuals)

HVTN 105 is the name of a study to test 2 research vaccines. Some people in this study will also get a placebo. A placebo does not contain any vaccine. Sterile salt water is being used as the placebo for this study. We do not expect it to cause any health problems in people.

The 2 research vaccines used in this study are not produced from live HIV or from HIV infected human cells. These reseach vaccines cannot cause HIV infection.

We are doing this study to answer several questions:

  • Are the study vaccines safe to give to people?
  • Are people able to take the study vaccines without becoming too uncomfortable?
  • How do people’s immune systems respond to the study vaccines? (Your immune system protects you from disease.)
  • Does the order in which the study vaccines are given affect the immune responses to the study vaccines?

In addition to giving you the study products, we will:

  • Do regular HIV testing, as well as counseling on your results and on how to avoid getting HIV;
  • Do physical exams;
  • Take blood and urine samples;
  • Do pregnancy tests if you were born female; persons who have had a complete hysterectomy (removal of the uterus and ovaries, verified by medical records), are not required to have pregnancy tests;
  • Ask questions about your health, including medications you may be taking;
  • Ask questions about any personal problems or benefits you may have from being in the study; and
  • Ask questions about whether you have had any HIV tests outside the study.

When we take blood, the amount will depend on the lab tests we need to do. It will be an amount between 10 mL and 230 mL (a little less than 1 tablespoon to a little less than 1 cup). Your body will make new blood to replace the blood we take out.

We will be looking for side effects. We will review the results of these procedures and tests with you at your next visit, or sooner if necessary. If any of the results are important to your health, we will tell you. We will also offer you counseling and referral for needed care.

This trial will include 104 volunteers from various US sites and in Seattle, we hope to enroll 10 volunteers who are HIV-negative, healthy, 18 to 50 year-old women, men & Transgender* individuals. Study volunteers will be scheduled for 10 clinic visits over 12 month period.

Several groups watch over this study to see that we are protecting volunteer rights, keeping volunteers safe, and following the study plan.

These groups include:

  • The Seattle HIV Vaccine Trials Unit Community Advisory Board;
  • The US NIH and its study monitors,
  • The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA),
  • The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center,
  • The Vaccine Research Center, which is part of the US National Institutes of Health.,
  • The HIV Vaccine Trials Network (HVTN),
  • The HVTN Safety Monitoring Board (SMB),
  • The US Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP).

If you have questions about this study or would like to participate, please call us at 206.667.2300

plus   HVTN 910 (VISP Study)
(an observational study for vaccine volunteers)

People in the HVTN 910 study will not be getting any experimental vaccines or treatments. They will only have blood tests.

The body makes antibodies naturally to fight germs after it is exposed to them. The antibodies attack germs and keep them from infecting the body’s cells. Most vaccines help prevent disease by telling the body to make antibodies. Most commonly available tests for HIV only look for antibodies. If a person is making antibodies to HIV because of the vaccine(s) he or she received, some tests could come back positive even if the person is not infected with the virus. This is called a VISP (vaccine-induced seropositive) test result. You may also see this called a "false positive" test result.

The HIV Vaccine Trials Network (HVTN) has tests that tell the difference between VISP test results and real HIV infection. We can also tell volunteers when they no longer test VISP. If this happens on several tests in a row, they may no longer need the specific testing the HVTN offers.

People participating in HVTN 910 can stay in the study as long as they need testing that can tell the difference between VISP test results and real HIV infection.

We are doing this study to answer several reasons:

• To help our volunteers with problems caused by VISP test results;

• To find out how long HIV vaccines cause VISP results on common HIV tests;

• To find out if VISP results are always the same, or if they switch between positive and negative on repeated tests; and

• To help provide information for new HIV tests that may become available in the future.

For more information on VISP, please visit:

If you were in an HVTN HIV vaccine study yesterday or years ago, it's never to late to be a part of HVTN 910, please call us at 206.667.2300

Ongoing Studies (not enrolling)

Ongoing studies are different from "Studies Enrolling Now"-- currently enough people have already volunteered to fill all of the available spots. They're considered ongoing because we are still looking to see what kind of change happens over a given period of time. Some studies will follow participants for a year -- others will last up to five years.

  HVTN 082--The Twins Study
6 individuals (3 pairs) enrolled in Seattle! Enrollment completed in 2011.
  HVTN 088
Enrolled 16 men and women in Seattle. Enrollment completed January 2013.
  HVTN 076
Enrolled 17 men and women in Seattle! Enrollment completed in September 2012.
  HVTN 092
Enrolled 20 men and women, including Transgender* individuals in Seattle! Enrollment completed in 2013.
  HVTN 505--Hope Takes Action
Enrolled 177 men and Transgender* women in Seattle! Enrollment completed in 2013.
General Study Information

HIV vaccine basics, please visit the HVTNpage here.


If you have questions about this study or would like to participate, please call us at 206.667.2300 or here to volunteer!

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